The *new* Fungus?

Hello everybody I took a break from cataclysm and while looking around I was wondering, Does the Fungi/Plantlifefood spread now?
if so should I be worried?

If its not that much trouble could somebody give me an update on how they spread if they fight with one another how to stop them etc.
Thanks in advance

It’s ironic how in threads where the creator thanks in advance , nobody responds.

IIRC , fungus and plants don’t have nothing new.

Hey you responded, but thanks again I can keep playing not worrying about the fungus messing up everything

I guess I got excited when I saw glyphs forums post about the future

Cant wait in till that happens though its going to be so much fun

Here’s how I think the Fungal Infection grows.

1.First, a fungal spire spawns in the map.
2.From the spire, spores come out.
3.Spores become Young Fungaloids.
4.Young Fungaloids become normal Fungaloids.
5.Normal Fungaloids produce Spores.
6.Go back to step 3.

I think you need to destroy the Spire (with some serious firepower) and then kill as many of them suckers as you can. If you miss one, they will grow back, although since the Spire won’t return, their numbers won’t get so out of control.

I recommend molotovs, LAWs and a good car.

do not go near these without a filter mask. when you kill an F, it makes 0-3 spores. without a filter mask on it gets in you and you die. if not, it spawns little ‘f’. with a filter mask these are good way to train melee. F are slow and you have time to get away before the spores become little ‘f’. be careful. if you kill too many F at once, you can quickly get surrounded by little f. a few hits and your slow from pain. then your dead.

if your careful. its a good way to train melee and dodge outside of town if AND ONLY if you have a filter mask. the spire gives almost infinite spawns so you can jack your melee and dodge up from it.