Experimental Bulild Generating Large Cities

Downloaded 9/6/2013 at 10 PM EST.

WHen I generate larger cities. I can experiment with the break point… at the start of the game I get

debug: can’t find shelter

I start in the woods. Very little map revealed. This is some break point on this.

Yea, at the point where there is nothing but city (around 15 or so in my testing, but it wasn’t reliable), it can’t find anywhere to stick a shelter. I need to look into a fallback.
Meanwhile stay around 12-14 or so and it won’t happen, the only difference is that you get 2-3 cities that together cover the entire map instead of one megacity.

I must say that when I encountered the “can’t find shelter” bug in 0.8, it dropped my poor shizophrenic clown right in the middle of a city, and it was AWESOME! I’d love to see that as an actual game start option.

That sort of stuff is planned for the “Starting Scenarios” Kickstarter Stretch Goal that we reached :smiley: Production will probably be done during the first week of November on it :slight_smile: