[0.8-2054-g0eaaafd] Couldn't find a shelter!

This error happened occasionally in stable 0.8 too, but this time on the 0.8-2054-g0eaaafd experimental version this error also crashs the game, in subsequent new games this error repeats so I can’t play at all. I have to delete the game and re-unzip the downloaded file to play the game again.
I’m on Windows 8.

Edit: Reset the world seems to fix this problem, it’s weird because I already set the ‘Delete world’ option to “Yes” so a world reset shouldn’t be necessary.

Were you playing with a larger city size? Right now the game will only place shelters outside of cities, so if you are playing with larger city sizes sometimes it can’t find a place to put one.

Yes, I did set the city size to 10, I’ll set it back and try again.

Double post.

Reset the city size to 4 (default value) and everything back to normal, I can play without problem again.
Though, any plan to fix this big city size problem? I’d like to go back to enjoying big city size someday. :slight_smile:

Eventually we have some plans to at least put in a quick fix for this. For now you can get around the problem in most cases by simply hitting spacebar and starting.