World Generation Error (2029)


With the latest experimental version (2029) the game seems to occasionally have trouble creating your starting structure. A message appears in the top-left corner of the screen saying something about ‘Debug’ and ‘Press SPACE to continue.’ When you do this, the character appears in the world, but he/she is not in a building of any sort. I normally prefer to spawn in a cabin, so this is the only option I have tried so far, so not sure if this is happening with other starting locations or not…

What’s your city size setting?

Oh, I know about this bug. Just kill yourself, make another cabin character and it should work just fine; cabins sometimes spas out and don’t spawn due to some generation problems (I think), so if you just try again (Make sure cities are turned down below 5!) you should be gold.

Yeah cabins aren’t a guaranteed structure, and that chance goes down drastically if you bump city size up. Hmmm, should probably make scenarios check if they can actually spawn in that location before they become available in a given world.

Hi guys, my City Size is set to 3, as I’m a pussy and don’t like big cities/towns… :smiley:

A bit of further information - I don’t recall this happening in any earlier experimentals since I have had the option of starting in the cabin, if that helps to narrow it down at all…

As I said earlier, the cabin, while often being present, is not a guaranteed spawn on a map. As such unless you can get it to happen again and post the exact debug message here, I’m going to assume that the problem is the one that most fits the symptoms, that it simply wasn’t able to find a cabin on the map to put you in. It’s not really something that can be “fixed” other than by making scenarios check that they can actually spawn at a location prior to allowing you to select them.


It’s not really a game breaker, anyhow… :wink: