New game, no evac shelter

On a clean install of 0.8-1449-g789ad5d, after char creation the world built but I got a debug message saying it couldn’t find a shelter. It dropped me in the wilderness with a static npc as usual but I’m homeless.

After committing suicide, I tried a new game and got put in the same shelterless spot. Committed suicide again and deleted the world and saves. Got a shelter this time.

Well how big did you set city gen? Huge cities will not spawn shelters.

10 but even if they don’t generate em it shouldn’t throw an error the way it did. I didn’t change the city size when it worked after resetting either.

If you set it to 10 it will sometimes manage to find a spot to stick a shelter and sometimes not.
I have an idea for what to do about this, if it can’t find a normal spot for a shelter, it could just pick a random house and replace it with a shelter.

That would be cool or even just dropping the player into a house instead of having to convert one into a shelter. From a rp perspective not everyone will have made it to a shelter anyway. So it would be a fun change of pace.