Encountered some bug in experimental 8503

okay so first bug i found during my experimental 8503 gameplay is Refugee camp people become hostile, right as i enter the refugee camp the whole people who were supposed to stay at first room (waiting room) become hostile and start attacking me, i tried to run inside but the guard didn’t do anything so i forced to kill them all (even some NPC inside the refugee camp goes hostile too and shoot me and other NPC).

second bug is dialog bug found on one of NPC inside Refugee camp (bed area), one of the NPC i found here is named aleesha and she talks about herself and her life and stuff, until i choose to ask her story and this is the response… minor bug… but missing story line there :smile:

this just few bugs i encountered on my gameplay… possibly being fixed or already fixed in the newest experimental.

Figures I would JUST grab a copy and burn it to a cd lol xD

Can you shuffle the load order and put mobs and NPC stuff last. Building, then items then mobs/npc.


its fixed by itself after my character died… and restart the game using the same character (world handling reset) but the dialog for Aleesha NPC still persist.

Thanks for the update. I just threw 8505 onto my machine. But I cannot play it at present. I cleaned my keyboard. Seems to be on the fritz now. I think the alcohol got into something and keeps crossing the circuits via the liquid.

Now I gotta wait till it dries. Gah… >_>

the same case i got here… my computer is an old 2006 scrapyard PC with low-medium spec…
the problem is when i put my keyboard on floor, it start to short-circuit and pressing random buttons but when placed on bed or something that doesn’t conduct electricity, it works normal…
according to some internet forum, my PC has a problem with its USB.

scrapyard quality :smile:

(update for the bug : it seems that the refugee hostile bug is a rare case of bug, considering that im trying to reproduce the bug 6 times and it doesn’t happen again)

Scrapped the keyboard. Had to make do with a frisbee. Tested ref center and all was well except that npc gal in the back room with borked dialogue.

I did come across a minor bug.

When you have a belt of ammo(this was 7.62x51 from a tank). putting it on the floor before you unload it will glitch it and spawn an empty belt + the rings, things…the scrap crap normally from this process.

Making with the fixing


allright… the fix is up and good… thanks for the fix.

now im still curious with that rare case of bug where the whole Refugee camp NPC turn hostile at the player… according to my CDDA experience, it already happen to me 3 times including now and its so rare that i didn’t even know what makes the bug triggered.