Refugee camp hostile bug : a rare case of bug

so in my CDDA experience, bugs is always be the most frequent thing i found because im always playing on latest experimental version. but what if the bugs found in the experimental were rare and only happens at random encounter?

this is what happens to me during some of my session, after some long journey killing and looting zombies and buildings, i decided to go visit a refugee camp that has been marked on my map and in the latest experimental version, the refugee camp has been updated with more NPC (including some survivors waiting on the first room of the refugee camp) but there is a bug, a rare bug that you can encounter when you enter the refugee camp. i called this bug 'Refugee Hostility bug" because this bug was not only rare but dangerous and possibly can kill your character. this bug happens rarely but once it happens, right when you enter the first room of Refugee camp, your log will show that the survivor in the Refugee camp start yelling threatening words at your character (words that usually said by the bandits) and start approaching you really fast, and then melee you with anything they wield. in my experience one of them is wielding a katana so i got decent damage before i managed to kill them. not only the survivor in the first room, but the rest of the survivor inside the refugee camp (notably the Old Guard room) will also become hostile and start shooting at you. which is really dangerous unless you have that one painful gun to finish it. if you’re unlucky, one of them can shoot you with a deadly gun and critical headshot your character. the unique part is the fact that if you try again, hoping it will happen again, it will not happen again. even if you restart again and again it won’t work (if you’re lucky, you will) and it will happen again at the moment that you’ll never expected to happen.

have you ever encountered this bug?