Refugee Camps bugged?

I forgot where I posted this bug already, but again I have seen it in Windows, Tiles experimental v.5300(I think it is).

Anyway, Refugee camps will spawn once in a while with a direction that the NPC occupants do not match. Thus they are outside and some are inside the walls etc.

Doesn’t break anything as long as they don’t die, but it is rather silly and…bad to let this happen =/

Say you use the shelter computer to look for a camp. It pops up facing south for example. The NPCs spawn west or whatever.

Known, but the exact cause isn’t known. It’s either mapgen, map loading, map rotation or a combination of the three.

Ok, thanks for letting me know. I saved one game and loaded it up. The refugee camp was more or less corrected. I dunno why, but after loading the save, it looked as though all the NPCs were in the spots they should be.

I have not seen the bug in a few days so I can’t say if is self correcting after saving every time or not. Damn convenient and nice of the engine though if it decides to fix itself lol XD