EMP granade. Overpowered?

EMP granade seems overpowered. It’s very easy to make, consumes only non strategic, ubiquitous resources. You can craft dozens of them in no time. Its construction demands some electronics skill, which is easily accessible. Virtually every house has some electric stuff, that can be dissasambled for experience.
One EMP granade destroys a turret with ease. Its explosion can’t affect you. If a bunch of manhacks molests you, you can simply drop one under your feet to get rid of them.

My idea. Add some energetic substrate to the recipe. Atleast some batteries, maybe even plutonium cells. This would make them a more strategic weapon. Currently, EMP granade is no brainer. When i see a robotic opponent i simply start throwing them at en masse.

I’ve never used an EMP grenade myself, but looking at the materials from the wiki… I do agree, they seem to be almost no loss for huge gains

No point in nerfing something that barely sees use, me thinks?

If you are prepared and carry EMP grenades to kill the few robots you meet during your adventure they should better work, and the fact that they consume obiquitous resources is a problem shared by all electronic devices

Just for realism purposes it needs a power source, so there’s that.

Yeah. It isn’t even about gameplay issues. I just wanted to do justice to genuine physics. Principle of conservation of energy, to be specific.

maybe I just get unlucky… I’ve seen at least one copbot or manhack in every playthrough I’ve done so far except the one where I spawned in the middle of a forest/swamp with no roads or visible buildings

Well you always meet one robot during every play through but its not like you met one every time you decide to enter a town.

Now that I read the actual suggestion I can tell you that adding batteries to the crafting does makes sense but wont really change much as they are already laughably common.