Howdy everybody, i made a mod about totally not real guns derived from the very real DREAD weapon system.

Basically it adds silent military guns that work like a pneumatic assault rifle with absolutely devastating pellet showers, it comes in three flavours plus a homemade bootleg one that needs rare stuff and high skills plus a book, the ammo is autolearned.

  • DREAD Heavy Rifle

  • DREAD Scattergun

  • DREAD Precision Cannon

  • Homemade DREAD Hand Blaster

:warning: The mod only adds the DREAD Heavy Rifle and the DREAD scattergun on the current “Release”. WIP :warning:

Inspired heavily by Icecoon’s Arsenal DREAD Wrist Gun.


  • Industrial ammounts of balance so it does not make every other gun ingame pointless.

  • Make them all UPS powered, when i figure out how. Stupid, but done…

  • Add a DREAD vehicle turret of each gun.

  • Properly add spawn locations for each item.



Adding a UPS cost to firing a weapon is pretty easy, it’s just a value in the JSON definition. You can look at any of the rail/coilguns as an example.

Thank you, i literally started modding like 4 hours ago, most things i did is copying and pasting stuff then editing and adding few lines i did not knew it was that simple.

Far as I know, that’s how everyone started modding.

Please be there textures!

They should look something like this but less decorated and more plastic/metallic.

Bulpup perhaps?

Not quite, the weapons have a rotary magazine on the center with an integrated mini electrical motor, the weapon uses ups to run the motor and when you press the trigger the motor spins the integrated magazine and lets loose the pellets impulsed by centrifugal force through the barrel which has low power magnetic rails that stabilize the projectile until it leaves the barrel.

Also, i uploaded a new version with some balancing and the Scattergun.

Sounds like an awfully inefficient way to propel something…

The advantages are that it does not need gunpowder it is silent and lacks any hint of recoil, just because it relies on centrifugal force and simple magnetic rails it doesn’t mean is ineficient, the electrical moto powering the stuff is quite big and bulky and its high powered, some of the things i kept in mind when i started the mod is using a scaled down enhanced electrical motor.

Seems like it would be a lot easier, and possibly more efficient, to just use magnetic rails. Dunno what their energy efficiency is though. Everything I can find online about this sort of thing suggests it’s horribly inaccurate too.

Also it would have recoil. If a thing shoots a thing, it has recoil.

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Not necessarily. Most recoil occurs from some kind of energy dispersion. Mag rails don’t disperse energy unless you’re talking about electron transfer. Compressed gas and combustion has recoil because there has to be a place for those gases to be released.

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It’s Newton’s Third Law/Conservation of Momentum. If something pushes something away, then that thing is pushed away just as much. Ballistic weapons have recoil because the expanding gas pushes as hard on the gun as on the bullet, just you’re holding the thing so most of the actual energy is imparted on the bullet.

A centrifugal gun is going to have the same issue, the centrifugal force pushing the bullet out is going to impart a centripetal force of equal value on the gun. It would probably be fairly small since it’s just a small projectile at a relatively low speed, but it would certainly exist. Especially at 20 rounds/second or whatever you’re expecting to get out of this.

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Well the centrifugal force is understandable. But the logic “a thing shoots a thing it has recoil” is a bit much. Mag rails don’t exactly show much in the sense of recoil seeing as they are typically placed surrounding the projectile, pretty much negating the recoil from that part.

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Momentum still has to be conserved. The projectile leaving will exert the exact same force on the gun as it had exerted on it. Anything propelled by a magnetic field exerts a magnetic field on the thing exerting the magnetic field that is propelling it. Or something like that.

Even magnets are subject to Newton’s Third Law.

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Hmm, maybe I’m wrong. I stand corrected.

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Newton ALWAYS gets his due.

Well. 99.99% of the time.

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From what I read it’s a matter of mass and velocity. Which is understandable. A larger projectile is going to require a larger magnetic force to fly farther and faster, as well as exerting a higher magnetic force against the barrel.

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Newton’s second law, Acceleration is equal to force divided by mass. Apply the same force to two objects of different weights and the lighter one will accelerate faster. Which is why a gun firing a bullet doesn’t fly back at the speed of a bullet, and a heavier gun means significantly less felt recoil.

That said, kinetic energy is equal to mass multipled by velocity squared, halved. Double your energy input and you get significantly less than doubled speed, which is a bummer.

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Alright you nerd, don’t make me have to take your lunch money.

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