[MOD] The Inquisitor Hypervelocity Rail Accelerator (WIP)

The Inquisitor Hypervelocity Rail Accelerator
An endgame weapon to end endgame weapons.

That’s right: it’s a railgun. And an overpowered one at that.

I tried to balance this a bit (expensive to craft, time consuming to craft, difficult to craft ammo, massive UPS cost, extremely high weight, etc.) but it’s still quite overpowered. The primary balancing factor was the UPS cost, taking 20000 UPS charges per shot. However, dealing more than 10000 damage per shot is always going to be unbalanced. The weapon weighs over 150 kg, so you’ll need bionics if you want to carry it far. It’s also too large to store in anything, so you’ll need to hold it or use a sling. This mod also requires the “More Survival Stuff” mod for it’s lathing and machining rig. May phase that out eventually, or I might not. Will increase the crafting cost when I get the chance, and will need to add Aftershock as a dependency as well. Also haven’t had a chance to add proficiency requirements either.

Here’s the GitHub: https://github.com/ERRORCODE509/The-Inquisitor-Hypervelocity-Rail-Accelerator

This mod is heavily WIP, and I’m open to any suggestions for changes, balances, additions, removals, or otherwise that you may have.

As you’ve already noticed, this isn’t a _nut mod (I know, it’s a tragedy). I am still working on TGCNP, but wanted to try modding a weapon into the game. I’m still open to suggestions on that as well, so feel free to suggest things on that thread as well. I’ve started posting things to the C:DDA subreddit as well as here, and I check and respond to both.


I would suggest making a version that doesn’t need More Survival Stuff or Aftershock, whichever of those you end up using. Then again, the non-dependant one should be weaker, to make up for it, somehow.

I’ll probably phase out More Survival Stuff, as it’s outdated and buggy, but Aftershock will probably stay. The base game doesn’t have enough hard to acquire materials (apart from stuff like superalloy), but Aftershock has the nanoforge and nanoforge materials which are extremely difficult to find.

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Ahh, I see. That does make sense. Well, this is for sure going in my Aftershock world, then.

Keep in mind aftershock is aiming for total conversion

Yeah, I’m aware. This mod doesn’t exactly fit with the base game, anyway.