Draw Your Cataclysms

Yeah guys, what’s the deal with people being bashful? Look where the thread started.

You can have good content and a humorous idea delivered well in a drawing without having any actual artistic talent.

Do you refuse to talk to people because you can’t sing?

Get on with it. Share your ideas.


Fucking… ARGH…

No webcam either.

Ipod. I shall try a Ipod. I really want to do this for some reason.

Man, I don’t have a scanner either - just a camera. UUUGH UAC? TURN THAT JAZZ OFFFFFFFFF! (It’s actually short for Unbelievably Annoying Crap)

post what you can, however you can! Blame the apocalypse for low resolution.

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No UAC + Not a admin + Fuck me = I hate windows 8. Also, I lost my Ipod. SLARTIBARTFAST.

Oh. I am accustomed to just always having the admin account. …I have no idea if this is normal or not.

I had to disable UAC on my PC as well, even though I’ve got an admin account going.

That’s Windows Vista for yah.

I always had two different accounts and a backup… I mess stuff up inadvertently so often that its not even funny. now I keep finding myself trying to sudo on my windows computer.

Lowest privileges operating… damage control for the overenthusiastic power user

Fun fact:

You really shouldn’t be puttering around with an administrator’s account for your general day to day use. Windows isn’t mean to operate that way.

You should make two accounts, one is an administrator account (call it “Maintenance” or whatever) and one is just a general user account (name this after yourself or whoever). Use the general user account as your default account and let windows do its thing normally, disable UAC and all that jazz and just continue on like normal.

When something screws up, it’s screwed up within that environment of a regular user account, and much easier to fix by logging back in as your administrator account and fixing the problem. On the off chance you’ve installed malware or screwed up your registry or drivers, it’s only happened on a regular user level and not your computer-wide admin account.

tl;dr if you are using the administrator account all the time because you think you’re a smarty pants and you know what you’re doing the truth is you don’t know what you’re doing and only making things worse for yourself. stop that.

Of course, if you’re not using the admin account in Windows 8 you’re not allowed to install programs, can’t edit configs, can’t copy files to the vast majority of your hard drive, can’t… do quite a bit of stuff, actually. Many applications outright don’t work either in my experience, since you don’t have permissions to the folders they need to run (like Program Files, which normal users don’t have permission to access), and Windows 8 at least won’t even prompt or allow you to give permission to run (with an admin password or whatever) except in very limited conditions.

It took me forever to hack out all the user limitations windows 8 comes with to allow me to actually use the damn computer…

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I wish major companies would make this easier since it annoys me immensely due to the number of programs that are designed with requirements for running under admin due to the “standardization” of installing in a system controlled directory.

To be honest, I’m not sure what is worse, old style “working directory dumps” in a system controlled tree or “new” separation of “User working space” and “program critical files” scattered in a mutilation of %temp% and %appdata% abuse while using WinE or Cygwin

FWIW - When I think Fungaloid, I think of the aseroe_rubra picture (bottom right). Spooky tendrils!

Java = No.
Most downloads = No.
Something wants to check you have something = CRASH.

Someone needs to build more tracks and get this back to drawing.

[quote=“An0n3, post:648, topic:441”]Fun fact:
You really shouldn’t be puttering around with an administrator’s account for your general day to day use. Windows isn’t mean to operate that way.

That is only really the case in the sense that, if you fuck something up on the base user level, the only reason it doesn’t damage as much is simply because there is nothing to damage. You can barely do anything on a user account nowadays. If anything, instead of using a basic user account for normal use, use admin instead, and create a separate user account, named “SANDBOX”, which if something fucks up whilst downloading something for example, then it will be easier to fix. Just use the SANDBOX account for files you aren’t sure of. That, and having a decent anti-viral software might help. I know that AVAST has a sandbox mode for files that you are unsure of, and AVAST is free.

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I have windows 7, and realized any advice I have on how annoying not being admin is, is futile. I never use my admin status for anything. It’s a separate account I use if I need to change major settings, and the one I use daily just has a ton of permissions granted. I can access both all the same though. Idk. The worst I do file-breaky-wise is mod skyrim without a mod manager.

I think we need a new thread for “How To Discipline Slap W8 and it’s Irritating Ways” (alternative title: “How to Kill a Man With Your Bare Hands”)

As for drawings: I’ll have to get to that when I’m sober. Today was my drinky-evening day for the next couple weeks.

Have fun with the hangover the size of god!

A barricade and zombies (i am attempting to give more 3d feel to my art)


R.I.P. Dave, Brave soldier who died attacking a Zombie Hulk on his way to reinforce a Garage.

Because a second page is unacceptable I have opted to make an adventure to the old Drawings folder and post something that i found not horrible.

And I found this it was for a supposed Illustrated suggestion game (in the likes of the spectros one that is now running on the df forums) of a knight that attempts to definitively escape the underworld and get back to the living world. I think I still have the main points somewhere the story was some sort of half darksouls, half Inferno from Dante Alighieri and half totally random shit I came with.


Perhaps I should relaunch it


There’s your meme, I chose zombie dogs because fucking zombie dogs.

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:smiley: Indeed!