Draw Your Cataclysms II


These aren’t the kinds of tentacles I was thinking of.


You’re right, there arn’t enough


Not only that, they kick you WHILE you’re down too. hahaha


No its an artist called Epsilon shadows. Google Lydia Oths. or look up epsilon Shadow.


Then i dont want to know what kind you WERE talking about.


The friendly kind. Lol




Heyyy I remember that one. Lol


Hmm wonder if this is any better…


And don’t flag it for gods sake. Those pixels took forever to place.


I would expect nothing less from an ecchi squid. Also, I feel like it’s definitely getting flagged.


Yeah, so do I. First and only flagged post. Just wanted to let the mods know I love them.


Oh nice. Earned a reward for flagging my own post lol


Whats that from? PS2 RPG?


I just drew it using Piskel.


Is that an easy to use program? Otherwise props to you. Looks like something you’d see in a early 2000s game


It’s alright. I’m not that experienced, so I don’t know how it compares to others. But it’s a simple program.


Nice. Either way dude(or dudette, I don’t know, haha) very good job.


Thanks a bunch. Lol. Good to see others appreciate it. XD


Bouncing boobs are always appreciated. lmao
I’m actually going to check that out, been doing some work in RPG Maker. (No nudity involved though, lol) and been looking for something better than paint to make my sprites