Draw Your Cataclysms II


We should incorporate baby mooses into the game so that way the mommas get hyper psycho. XD


What do we do to make the mooses more agressive/ pycho then they already are? Boost HP, speed, damage, and make it so they never retreat? Would that be sufficent to convince player baby moose = mother more agressive?


Shocker Moose? Moose brute? Have a moose that just runs into your house and destroys everything you love? Lol


Being eviscerated by a moose is CDDA’s “eaten by a grue.”


@xotto2 how did you get this on the side of your game?


Give the moose the hulk punch…


Little did they realize, the moose already had their scent. The police found their bodies the day after they uploaded this video.


Just a simple drawing from Paint 4D
First time trying this style.


Its a feral hunter leaping! This is simple, but gives enough concept we need.


I forgot… That’s a weird ugly bag (supposed to be a rugsack?)


That was supposed to be a survivor backpack


XD my prediction was wrong…


What do you people think the typical survivor suit looks like? Originally when I started playing the game my mind immediately went to the ranger gear from the metro series.


Heavy Survivor gear. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/cf/97/4d/cf974dbbe72f9ac2f55132d1a884592b.jpg

Survivor Gear https://i.pinimg.com/474x/b3/bc/83/b3bc8327be54ed27d5c868ded0289a89--post-apocalyptic-raider-fallout-raider.jpg

Light Survivor gear. https://i.etsystatic.com/10399211/r/il/9360cc/805572449/il_570xN.805572449_apef.jpg


That’s freaking awesome. I’m totally saving those for art inspiration later.


I found a bunch of good artwork like it just googling apocalypse survival gear/armor


I am loving this thread! Wish my art skills were good enough to contribute, but alas, I can only draw on paper. But I will try to contribute in other meaningful ways!




(aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa let me post you frikin site)


Not how I remember the cataclysm…jpg_fixed