Draw Your Cataclysms II


Bro, you’re killing it today with these sprites. I don’t even know what to say about it. It’s impressive.


Lol thanks. I got bored. :stuck_out_tongue:


-Shut up about your skills. You’ll never be good at art if you don’t work on it. Go ahead and draw something, it doesn’t matter if it looks like a little kid made it, it’s your art. If you practice you’ll get better. If you always come up with the excuse ‘I’m not good enough’ you’ll never become good enough! Everyone was terrible at art at some point. Some learn faster than others, and that’s fine. Even if you learn slowly, you will learn.
-I always aspire to get people to understand that it does not matter how bad you are at art. Never. Practice, even if not frequently, and someday you might be an expert.

-I’d totally do more art, but I’m often distracted by needing to take care of my 2 year old or my needy pregnant wife. I’m only able to be on the forums so much because half the time I have nothing to do at work. So I’m allowed to do almost anything I want. They hired waaayyyy too much people. I seriously have no clue how they are in business still.
-I only really do tiny doodles at work, which I guess I could post up at some point. They are only really just super rough drafts with hardly any detail, but when I find them I’ll upload them. Unless I forget, which is very frequent. A lot of the time, my memory is like Dory’s.


You misunderstand me lol, I don’t care enough to want my art to be good. I’m not good at drawing because it isn’t the art I practice or enjoy. I am a writer, so I write. I enjoy writing far more than drawing, but I love admiring other people who have put effort into their art. I don’t expect that people get their art talent for free. They work, just like I do. But yeah, you guys are amazing artists <3


-I do art and write books! Although both are just a hobby, and I probably won’t finish a book for several years since I’m picky and have a short attention space at times. But eventually, I finish a book. I am confident of that. Without a doubt.


I’ve done art myself for a few years off and on. Been a bit out of it lately. I’m good at drawing things I see but have a harder time drawing new ideas off the top of my head. >_>


Found this one online.eac


Makes me think of some sort of murder grandma for some reason.


o_o Definitely a murder child. Trust me, I know murder.


Good point, totally a murder child. If the clothing wasn’t an indication, then you could assume it to be a girl. After all, little girls are creepier than little boys. For some reason.


Magical murder girl. She take the magazine out of the air. I don’t think she has a pocket.


Maybe the dress doesn’t have any pockets, but some could consider their underwear as storage… She’s grabbing the clip from the opposite side of her, you don’t know where it’s coming from…


Someone forgot the logics of real life.


Someone suggested an idea of crafting 40mm grenades by taping gun ammo together with a duct tape.

A helicrash.


Pretty much self-explanatory.


Those are great @Midas. Keep up the good work.



i tried


That expression of world sorrow on his face. Awesome.


Its baset on my irl face butt i am not an artist XD