Draw Your Cataclysms II


Been playing Resident Evil 5 with a buddy recently.


Not gonna lie, I would die for a cataclysm anime/series


Late-game survivors:

(Nah not really its a comission for someone)


And I am here to ruin it with bad art.


–You’ll never become a good artist if you don’t practice again and again. Art is one of those things where you can only learn so much; in the end, personal experience is the biggest modifier.
–I’ll be honest, this looks terrible, but then again, weren’t we all terrible at first? And of course, some people just don’t draw that often, so they never get that much needed experience to actually be good at it.
–I like to kinda half joke that my art is terrible, it’s actually pretty decent when I take the time for it. I feel like it’s anywhere near as good as I want it, and I know I can do better, but sometimes, those are a nightmare sometimes if you want to actually give them realistic physics.
–Remember that people like me, John Candlebury, and lots of other good artists have been doing art for years. If they said they didn’t, I wouldn’t believe them.


Now that’s hardwork!


DragonBuddy, bad MSPaint doodles don’t ruin DYC, they are DYC. Don’t let the real art fool you.


Dont be discouraged, we can always do with more stuff!

Plus no one ever started our being good, you can check on my early stuff from the original Draw Your Cataclysms if you dont believe me.


Not a drawing but still something I made.


She’s not pretty or all that sharp but she is mine.


What is it? A pipe spear? I’m a bit of an amateur knife/black-smith. Just 5 minutes a go I was grinding a couple of my knives.


Its a crude knife I hammered out of a 6 inch nail. It is also how I learned that a sledge hammer is more useful as an anvil when you don’t have a decent substitute.


Bench vices also usually have a small anvil surface on them if you have one of them.

Thats a good start, though it wont hold an edge for long because of the low carbon content of the steel. Stuff I use for knife making is strut coils, leaf springs. Pipe wrench heads, cv axle shafts, old steel tools. Its a lot of fun in my opinion, if you want to go further into it buy your self a cast iron anvil from harbor freight if you live in the USA, they are 50-60 . Its what I started with and it worked well enough. Now I have a 400 farriers anvil and about 500$ worth of grinders, hammers, sanders, and other tools. I’m kind of addicted. I’m been in the process of building a dedicated 12X16 shed so I can get the mess out of my garage and into a dedicated space.


The last thing you’ll ever see.download


I’m not sure what I’m seeing other than a moose with something on it’s antlers. Care to explain?


Moose have this velvety felt around the antlers for most of the year. I believe during mating season they basically rub the antlers against trees, rocks, or other antlers to remove the felt and get the hard bone or antlers beneath it. To gore and kill other males in competition w/ mates I think.


Ah, I recall learning about that before. I just haven’t seen an actual picture of it. Now I gets it.


It also looks suspiciously like the gore one might see on a bloodthirsty moose ready for its next victum…I think that was more the intended joke, though they overlap nicely


This guy gets it. Lol yeah, I couldn’t find a picture of a rabid moose, so this one worked well enough. :stuck_out_tongue:



XD. NOoooo preetty sure you want to fight me. YOU LOOKED AT MY BABIES WRONG YOU MUST DIE!!!

truck people: O.o well that escilated quickly.