Draw Your Cataclysms II


Because none of us can draw :smiley:


I can, I just keep getting distracted, oh my gosh it’s so annoying. :weary:


Thought about trying my hand at some tiles in a low-fi style. What do you guys think? Got any recommended tutorials for this kind of thing?


That just made me think, how would I be able to make my own tile set? I’d love to do that. Not sure if I have the proper knowledge and stuff to do so, but if I can I totally would. Ideally I’d make it compatible with the Ascension mod later on, since it’s big, popular, and useful. Also to have it be one of those rare (but awesome) tilesets that change your character when equipping gear.


Right now I’m just using Paint.Net for the sprites, thought about checking out GIMP or moving to photoshop later on. I think there’s a tielset editor program floating around on the forums here somewhere, but I’m not exactly sure or how it works.


Probably the best thing I have for this sort of thing is photoshop. Just to mention.


That looks pretty awesome. I like the middle two the best personally.


Sketch of A Wraitheon drone


Awwww lookit it’s widdle feetses… Can I pet him?


Only if you get past his SCAR -H (or L, I forgot which one they have, or that if this is something different that what I find in national guard camps).


I really wanna reprogram that thing in-game so that I can have an awesome looking minion! I think I will name him Nick. He looks like a Nick to me. Or perhaps Keith? Nah, Nick.


What the heck is that pink stuff coming off some of them?


It’s their guts.

Character minimum y tho


Hey guys! Nice to see someone revived this topic after all this time!

Let’s bump this thread and try to get things rolling again. Here’s a recent commission of my latest, unapologetically furry, character:




Don’t worry man, we’re all quite nice here, and any artwork is appreciated here. (Also, kudos from me!)


Why does that look so familiar? Is that the bridge before the cleric beast?

And thanks, FD!


I don’t know if these have been posted in the old thread with 4000+ posts, but here are some Japanese CDDA fan art though. I really dig the huge one with the deathmobile.

As a bonus I also translated some CDDA 4-koma manga and a 4 page doujin manga.


This is great stuff. I chuckled at the literal Incredible Hulk and the Christopher Walken zombie.


All of those are awesome! Hope the artists can see that we enjoy it too