Draw Your Cataclysms


Hey John,
I just wanted to say I like your art style. To me it seems like semi-realistic/cartoony.


Thanks Miloch! I’ll try to get back int drawing Cataclysm DDA soon.


Great work as always, Xotto! :slight_smile:

When suckers attach at inappropriate moment.


Insect mutant.


Very nice, both of them!


Figured it’s been too long since I last checked in.
What’ve they been doing while I was gone?

Oh, looks like they’re just fine.



Very cool! The moose in the background makes this. :stuck_out_tongue:


Top sketch shows my all-human melee-master character punching-out a Zombear. Bottom one shows my Alpha-Prime mutant gunner testing a Pneumatic Assault Rifle in an undead shooting range.

And here’s my take on the Broken Cyborg (actually, I drew it years ago as a Brood Initiate from “Abomination: The Nemesis Project”, but that’s kinda how I imagine Broken Cyborgs in Cataclysm).

Draw Your Cataclysms II

My current character. 2 weeks or so in, but well armored and fucking skilled in combat thanks to books and slashing zs medieval style. The Blackfinger incarnate.
I have like 15 cash cards in my inventory because I forget to fucking transfer them. His rifle (yeah it’s a mini 14, I edited it so it could have a folding stock like irl) and his shield.


Man, I haven’t checked here in a while. Nice to see you back Fooby.


So i’ve decided to redraw my character cause the first one I came up with was outdated approximately a day and a half later in game, but I’ve been rjunning the current setup for some time now (only the cold items added themselves up, but most of them you can’t see.
The rifle is an AR15 with a collapsible stock, a scope, a laser and a sling. The handgun is an M9 with an underbarrel laser, and I plan on slapping on a ported barrel as soon as my pistol skill is high enough. BRUTESLAYER is etched in the slide cause I used it with much efficiency against 4 brutes so far.


The first thing I thought of when I saw the face was needs gaming.


I think that’s a balaclava making him look unhappy.


Some drawing of my character

a ballroom dancer wielding a mace cornered in library


I wish I could draw any good, Cataclysm is always a gold mine for silliness.


Nice, Hannia :slight_smile:

Alice Carol 3.0 is doing well so far. She found some samurai armor that fit in a museum and has been wearing it since. Here she is hanging out on top of some Z-Levels with her trusty bat and sawed-off and watching the dead go by.


It’s beautiful. :joy:


I see she’s using a Nail Bat and not a Louisville Slaughterer. I’d highly suggest an upgrade.

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