Do I actually need an operator when using an autodoc?

I haven’t installed any CBMs using the autodoc before, and a message on it popped up saying that I could end up with serious injury or death when using it without an operator.
Also, how would that actually work? Would I need an NPC to help me out with it? I obviously can’t be the operator and the patient at the same time with this kind of thing.
If I do need an NPC to help with it then that runs into the problem I’ve been having about struggling to find any non-static NPCs, and nobody at the refugee camp and at Hub 01 will join me it seems.

You do not actually need an operator. The message is more of a flavour text, though I suppose it also gives the player a bit of advance notice that using the autodoc can be a bit risky if you don’t have the right skills.

What level of skills do I need? I thought that it’d just work for me with what it is, not like how the old system used to work where you install all your CBMs by hand.

The Cataclysm DDA Wiki is your friend… Its information on installing seem to be accurate and up to date.
Someone included even the information about the failiure side of things (but without listing the limit if you don’t want to risk to fail extremly badly; which would be 29% (if my calculations from a long time ago can still be applied)).

Edit: In case the wiki goes down…:

Installing bionics is based off intelligence and various skills. The most important skill is First Aid, followed by Computers and Electronics. For the best chances of operation success, raise those skills as high as you can, and also make sure as much as possible that no penalty is decreasing your intelligence.

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