Do NPC Medical Professions Prevent Malfunctioning Bionics?

Hello. I’m new here.

I am working building characters, and I want to do a bionic run. When I learned about malfunctioning bionics possibly being installed with failed autodoc surgeries, I wanted to find out how to prevent that. On the Bionics page of the wiki (which is updated from this past October), it mentions how “The exception [to a chance of installing faulty bionics] is characters who started the game with a medical profession, which prevents any chance of a faulty bionic being installed.”

My question is if NPC professions count for this exception? Does this still apply to the current experimental build?

That piece of information is probably very old.

Currently, the most common and easiest way to install CBM is to visit a stone castle and let a surgeon there do it for you. It also provides the service of removing installed CBM, which probably includes faulty ones. I haven’t got faulty installation yet.

A stone castle? How is that different from having an autodoc from a lab or hospital do it? Are stone castles a story-thing or something players have to learn about in-game?

It’s been so long since the last time I used an autodoc that I unfortunately don’t remember how it was. The stone castle is a location where a surgeon has everything ready for installation, you mostly just need to sell things to him to pay for the operation. And indeed that’s a place that the player needs to find out in the game.

Interesting. I haven’t heard of the ability to install CBMs outside of autodocs. I’ll keep an eye out.