Autodocs dont require any anesthestic to work?

For some reason when I go to install a cbm the autodoc says I need 0ml of anesthetic to install, and it works just fine as if I had actually used anesthetic. I’m humbled by how powerful the game wants me to be, but so far every time I’ve installed a cbm I’ve just been throwing out an arbitrary amount of anesthesia to make up for it and I would prefer to just fix the glitch at this point. Any ideas, or does anyone happen to have a calculator/the formula for how much anesthetic is actually required by each cbm?

Yeah, that’s known problem.

My problem is very similar, but the autodoc doesnt even require anesthetic to work. Every installation or removal requires 0ml of anesthetic per the autodoc

Maybe a silly question, but just for transparency’s sake I’ll ask anyway - Does your character have the sensory dulling cbm? You never need anesthetic with that installed.

No, I should’ve mentioned that in the post. The character still feels pain normally and everything. I’ve even had autodocs fail and I didn’t get any negative effects, but that might be because I have high health care.