Installing Bionics

Doing surgery on yourself is kinda crazy. Eventually I’d like to be able to say find a decently skilled enough NPC to do it for you. For now, I’d say let’s have an autodoc or robotic surgery or such things. I remember they added something to replace lost limbs in the hospital, but I haven’t had need of it. So I haven’t gone to see. If you could have an autodoc or something I’d say you gotta have enough first aid, electronics, mechanics, and computers to program the device to install it correctly. Each surgery would be different and would require a separate program. Just a random thought.

Agreed but to some extend, you still can install low-level bioncs by yourthelf, but more advanced must be installed by auto-doc or NPC (when they become more or less adequate), because making brain surgery on yourself is quite strange…

Meh. Nah. I like it how it is.

Introducing a (one use) surgery bot which boosts success chances would be awesome, though.

Perhaps it could be craftable (i.e. give a use to the otherwise fairly useless electronics skill)

I don’t agree that electronics is useless. It’s just not continually useful. You either find or make the devices you want. Once you have a purifier, a hotplate, a electrohack, and wahtever else you want the skill kinda falls off. EMP grenades are useful for dealing with turrets.

Electronics does kinda help with installing bionics, FWIW. Since books can take it to 6 (or 10, if you get lucky and find a Robots book), having it around is a good idea.

Ya, a number of things apply to you mechanizing yourself like Intelligence, electronics, first aid and electronics so if you’re installing them with any real chance of success it’s because your character knows what they’re doing.

That said going to a hospital for a proper installation using a computer (and computer skill) to set up the operation so it works 100% (provided you pass the computer check. Crit fail breaks the terminal.) instead of you doing it by hand.

Ja. Sent the combat-monster to see whether hospitals were worthwhile and am thinking that they could use some love. A (more or less) guaranteed* install on something like Diamond Cornea, Hydraulic Muscles, etc (to be clear: that I found elsewhere–not demanding CBMs on-site) would make slogging through 20 or so Boomers more tolerable.

I realize that the newer versions added a limb-repair machine, but I’m not sure a character with a crippled limb could make it to the limb-repair unit, truth be told.

*Worst-case, it does damage/pain BUT retains the CBM in the machine? Surely you’ll get it right next time!

Bonus points if the [S]mutilator[/S] installation robot has a personality. And by personality I mean lines of cruel text telling you to suck it up whenever it hurts you.

“Don’t worry this won’t hurt… me.”
“Oh, grit your teeth and bear with it you baby.”
“Cry out already. I’d love an audience for once.”
“Remember you asked for this.”
“Out of anaesthetics… no matter.”
“I’m sure you didn’t need that anyway…”

Why? Because the sadistic doctor is a classic.

Lol. Love it.

Makes sense.