Risky manually removing bionics without a autodoc and/or kits

I really wish there was a way to remove faulty bionics without having to look all over the place for an autodoc. Plus anesthetic is really expensive, both in resources and time searching for/building it.
Therefore there should be a way to remove them without the use of an autodoc and/or at least anaesthetic.
Of course to balance it will hurt alot and would have a much higher rate of failure than using an autodoc, plus do significant damage to a limb, in addition to requiring tools like fine cutting and metal sawing. To use it you should also require some form of powerful painkillers like morphine or codeine, or near toxic levels of alcohol.
The success failure/rate will be also dependant on mechanics, first aid, and electronics.

Or at the very bare minimum, using an autodoc to remove faulty bionics shouldn’t require anesthetic, just powerful painkillers.

That’s what the “Manual Bionic Installation” mod is for. I think at some point it was decided against a manual installation/removal in the main game like there was versions ago.
Give it a try.

That’s the point. Bionics are not something everyone should have (as is their removal, even - or especially - damaged ones). It’s mid- to late-game stuff.
If you play a challange scenario… it might sound harsh, but that’s the “challange” part about it.

That would probably equal to ripping out a bone of your body with no anesthetic. You’d probably pass out and your twitching before your vision goes black would likely botch the operation anyway.

PS: You can go without anesthetic if you have the sensory dulling bionic installed.

I don’t know what you’d need that for, unless you needed to saw through bone to get at a cbm, but I can only think of one (skeletal bracing) that might be embedded in your bones.
I think it’s reasonable that a player should be able to dope themselves up with a risky level of anesthetics and attempt to cut the bionics out of themselves. But if anything went wrong with that kind of crude operation it should probably just flat-out kill you, which wouldn’t be much fun.
Overdose of anesthetic, or cutting the wrong thing and blacking out from sudden rapid blood loss are both lethal if you’re also the “doctor.”

that’s where the high rate of failure comes in

I’ve tried the safe autodoc/manual installation mod. It made things seem too “free”

I’m still using the safe autodoc mod, I agree with you it seems too “easy” but I prefer that over building up whatever skills are needed to use an "auto"doc.
I’ll try and keep this brief, but my idea for autodocs/bionics would be this.
Manual installation of basic bionics, i.e. led tattoo. Require some medical knowledge (jab yourself with anesthetic, make a cut in your skin, slide bionic under skin, stitch skin back up and away you go. Hopefully).
Autodocs would be different tiers, but require no medical knowledge. Just choose your operation from a menu, just like the autodoc from whatever Alien film it was in.
Bottom tier would be found in back alley bionic shops, which can install consumer grade bionics.
Next tier up would be found in hospitals/specialist bionics shops and can install more complex bionics, like needing to replace organs/limbs etc.
Top tier would be found in labs/military facilities/research places. They can do all kinds of fancy bionics. Metal skin, metal skelington, replace your heart with a wind up clock.
The challenge would not only be finding the bionics you want, but finding a working autodoc to install it.
You got a tier 2 bionic? You’ll need to find a tier 2 or 3 autodoc to install it.

Hm, I was going to say; leave that one out, just add the Manual Bionic Installation mod. It offers some help with uninstalling, but requires a different skillset in comparison with an autodoc, therefore still validating the existence of the latter. Also, one could set his own rules, like “never install bionics manually, only with an autodoc, only use it to remove faulty ones”.
But looking at the code, there doesn’t seem to be a way to remove installed bionics with that mod… Well, my bad. I’ll add it to the list of things to code if I get to it.

The problem is that that high rate of failure is made up primarily of stuff that logically should just be an immediate “game over.” I don’t know if people would consider that worth it.

This feature is already present, by default it’s bound to QYY.


Well, that took me a moment to get it. I almost asked for the full name of that mod. That’s quite a dark humor there. On the other hand, it’s “dark days ahead”, so I guess it fits.

…rude. :skull_and_crossbones:

not only that if you have the medical mutation that removes pain it also allows free bionic install

My face is grinning, but what if in exchange you’d permanently cripple your character? Remove your torsion racket with a rusty saw? Ok, go for it. If you live to see another day you get permanent -20 to speed for life. Now you’re a pirate with a wooden leg. Bad bionic poisoning your body? Rusty xacto knife to the rescue. Permanent -50% to max HP of the affected limb. You pulled your oxygenator CBM with a fish hook through your nose? Great, -50 % to max stamina. No running for you sport.