Development Tracker

Any chance Cataclysm could put together something like this:

If there’s too many brains and opinions involved to agree on far reaching mega-goals, it would at least be very cool to see a tracker/blog documenting concrete progress between stable releases, something like this:

Giving people an accessible view into development might lead to $$$ for yo kickstarter

The project is open source and on github. It doesn’t get any more accessible than that. There probably are too many minds working on it to have a complete list of “mega-goals” but you can look at the issues to see what people are working on or have problems with. You might even post your own. :stuck_out_tongue:

A note here, but you can see a lot of the planned goals by filtering the issues list by the “Enhancement” token (just click on it, left side). Those are things that it’s basically been agreed will go into the game eventually. For things that may go into the game, but are still being discussed, filter by the “Suggestion (Discuss)” token.

I want a cataclysm auto-updated.

Because I’m lazy. But not a cat. [sub]heheheheh.[/sub]

Also github has a milestone feature, where you can mark issues as being blockers for a particular release, and it tracks progress toward it. We were pretty good about keeping up with it for the 0.5 release, and we pretty much ignored it for the 0.6 release, because we’re horrible people.

If the kickstarter works out, we’ll be keeping closer track of this stuff and making it really public.

Regardless we’re going to try and keep up with it beter overall.

Ya’ll do know there’s a difference between “open-source” and “accessible” right? Github is obviously great for developing the game, but advertising, not so much. If you want to snare more people into the community (and you do, both for new coders and $$$) you’ve got to keep people in the loop. The dwarf fortress community is fanatic, but do you really think Toady would be able to pull in $3000 a month if his blog was silent for a year between releases? I highly doubt it.

A little daily blog on development would also help keep cataclysm from suffering feature dead-ending or developmental tyranny. COUGH COUGH DUNGEON CRAWL COUGH

Cata updates his “blog” quite often. Not daily, but often.
And I think the forums do the “blog” stuff for the official “blog”

Yet I think we should advertise this game more. Not with posts on random forums, but writting to webs like Rock Paper Shotgun or Otaku and trying to get youtubers to play it, since thats the best way to advertise ourselves (And attract a bunch of 13 years olds, see games that Honeydew&Co play)

The reference to the github feature was in answer to a specific question, not general advertising <_<

Yea, a dev blog wouldn’t be amiss, and it’d be good for me to do some writing…

We’ll see if that develops.

I’m guessing it’s a lot more important when you only release once a year, rather than once a night.

Yea, even if you compare what we call official releases, it’s a pretty big difference between annual and yearly releases. I can’t imagine sitting on our changes for that long <_<