Spreading the word about Cataclysm

This is a nice and growing community. How can we make it bigger? Does it cost money to get the game on Desura? Nethack with Vulcans Eye is on there and its free. What about indiedb? More people may notice the game. This game is community driven. More people = more ideas = more developers = more mods = more possibly more donations for a future kickstarter (lets face it some stuff requires a full time dev).

steam greenlight costs $100, i might be willing to help cover that if people thinks that might get us attention. even if its not ‘greenlighted’ the game might get more attention.
anyway to encourage well known LP youtubers to LP this game more?
what about game sites to review the game.

We have had over 100 developers add content. more people that know about the game = more features. With the mod manager coming, this means we can pick and choose what we like. Others can add overhaul mods, etc…

Dont know Im pretty sure most of us know the game thanks to the board down in bay 12 (at least I do). Perhaps doing the same in other forums could get us some attention, also this method is free

I also hope that my guide could help bring some more people into the game.

This is a portal I dunno if I mentioned before, with a community of coders and very versatile players honing their skills in and about:

Temple of the Roguelike

It’s a nice way to learn about new RLs, too.


I’m aware :slight_smile:
And yea, they’re cool for various things. I’d post on roguetemple more often if it weren’t for the js anti-spam thing, I usually read forums with w3m to tone down the awful design that is typical of forum software, and that means I have to open the thread in FF to post.

I like the way they organize contests. It’s like early hacker competitions; code a whole game in under an hour. First time I saw it, looked as if they were just having fun and not much else. :wink:

I also forgot to add that a good tv tropes page that is very linked is possibly the best free advertising the internet can offer.

so a good first step would be expanding it

I found it a few days ago on Reddit/r/roguelikes

Glad I did

Well. At least we have facebook presence. points at signature

I tried telling a friend about this game, until he saw a screenshot and said “oh god it’s like that game with candies”.


It’s like you don’t WANT cataclysm updates :wink: