The future of cataclysm dda


I’m curious about the future of cataclysm dda like will this game ever have be “complete” like maybe a house finished after years of hard work with nothing else to add other then the furniture(mods)?


There is always something to be done. The development will continue as long as there are people interested in bringing something new or fixing something old in this game.


but what the limit when it come to people interest and when it becomes boring


What do you mean by limit? This project is kind of a hobby. Kevin works on this project for more than 5 years with different speef. Some people put a bunch of huge PRs and then disappear for months or even years. Every person is different in their dedication and spare time.

I won’t be wrong if I say there won’t be such thing as “Cataclysm DDA had stopped to accept new additions”. And even if all of current project participants would somehow lost interest - anyone could fork and continue from where others stopped. It is licensed as CC BY-SA and open-sourced too.


Something that’s constantly evolving rarely becomes permanently boring.

I can’t speak for the game developers, I’m just a random player, but I hope that Cataclysm will continue to be developed. Angband and Nethack are still updated with semi-frequency. I’d like to think that 20 years from now there’ll still be patches and occasional new content for Cata, even if they’re not as frequent as they are now.


What I mean is like a ultimate lifeform


Will it ever be finished or complete? Probably not. Being open source there’s a good chance it will be sporadocally updated until the end of time or something definitively better comes along.


Current experimental version is ultimate lifeform - ever evolving and (rapdly) changing.


Yea game can sometimes get boring


I see no end of features I want to add.
Right now I’m focusing on expanding the combat system, making the world not immediately next to the player more lively, and expanding the area the game keeps updated near the player.
In the future I want to complete 3d interactivity, improve monster ai, support multi-tile monsters, work on npc ai, improve map generation, import real map data into the game, add working npc factions, and many other things.
A number of these features I’m offhandedly mentioning are multi-month projects, so just what I’ve listed is going to keep me busy for many years.


Good luck on your long journey!


If only it was possible to magically add all that inevitably awesome content all at once. But alas, even if we were to make a true AI to do the work for us, C:DDA is ever expanding, and all the content you want to add now could be considered small to what the future holds.


Well technically it can be worked on all at once. The problem is that Kevin doesn’t have a paid full time team to do all the stuff we want done.

So unless anyone generously donates 250k so he can hire a team. The game moves as fast as he does and the few devs that chime in once in awhile.

Kevin: You don’t do this full time right? I don’t mean to get personal. I’m just asking if this is your full time job?


Where would he get the money to do this full-time? The occasional 5$ bounty someone puts on Github?

I’m not sure the man even sleeps with the amount of effort he puts in this game.


I work full time as a software engineer at, I’m married and have a two year old.
So yea, you’re even more correct than you thought. On a typical week I have about 10 hours of time in front of my laptop to do dda stuff, though I sneak in about that much again on my phone reading emails and posting on the forums.
That might grow a bit as kiddo ages and gets more autonomous, but it’s pretty limited right now.