Dev Appreciation Thread

I just wanted to make a post saying how much I enjoy Cataclysm, especially in it’s return to the living that TDW has given us.
Hearty thanks go out to TDW, Gryph, and the rest of the contributors for bringing this game back to life! ^.^

P.S. I looked for an existing or more appropriate thread, but couldn’t find one.
So here’s a thread for anyone else looking for a place to offer thanks and appreciation.

Couldn’t agree more thanks guys for eating all my holiday time with your awesome game!

D’aww. Thanks. :slight_smile:

No problem, coding was taking most of mine :wink:

I am eating jerky made of wolves.

Why thank you all. I truly am fantastic.

I would like to also express my gratitude!

I appreciate you!

Thank you for giving me an outlet to destroy the world as we know it, and create a new world! Where I am the overlord of all existence! Zombies everywhere will fall by my crowbar, and the woodland creatures will feed my way to victor… oh crap, stepped on land mine.

Curse you DW for making me take points from perception to feed my strength!!!

I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all devs involved in the project, and a special shoutout to wito (Williham), who has been on a commit-frenzy lately.

You are too kind, good sir.

I will also salute whales who handed his game to the forum modders so that we don’t have to find another roguelike to play.

I want to thank everyone who is working on keeping Cataclysm alive. It’s a great game and I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for keeping one of my favorite games alive and growing.
Keep up the good work!

Kudos to everyone involved! I’d been holding out on the last official update for Cataclysm, before accidentally corrupting everything and losing my game. I just made the jump to DDA today, and it’s pretty awesome! I’ll definitely be playing a lot more on my channel now!

I just had my first serious game(s) in a while. I’ve been following the github commits via RSS somewhat religiously, and I knew you guys are making great progress… But I was still positively surprised by all of your additions, tweaks and fixes. It’s rapidly becoming a game I can recommend to friends without feeling a smidge guilty! The interface updates in particular really improve the approachability of the game.

All the kudos to you!

thank you all for keeping alive this awesomeness!

[size=14pt]Thank you![/size]

You all have done an amazing job at improving the game! Much appreciated!

I would also like to add my thanks. I have been playing since .2 before dda and it has come a long way since then! You guys are really doing a great job especially with the constant updates and feedback.

I should take this post to thank eveyone who has worked on Dark Days Ahead to make it the game that Cataclysm was meant to be. I actually quit a job on a whim to play DDA all weekend. I love you guys and please keep up the good work.

It is an awesome game and I personally appreciate how much work the devs and contributors are putting into this game, with all the frequent updates and new features and stuff being put out at such a tremendous pace. Coding seems like most grueling drudgery I can think of, so kudos on the heavy lifters in that department.