Dev Appreciation Thread!

So, there have been some unpopular changes being made to the game recently, and I’ve seen the devs having to deal with a ton of griping. This has happened a few times over the three years or so I’ve been following CDDA’s development, and while I understand why people have problems with the game as it is now, I feel it’s important to remind people that we’re seeing these features in an unfinished state, and many of the problems people take issue with will be rendered moot as the game matures, or else will be made toggleable, as has been done with the majority of contested changes made so far.

I also think now is a good time to thank the devs for the excellent work they have done and continue to do. CDDA is, in my opinion, one of the finest games ever made, and definitely the best roguelike and the best post-apocalyptic survival simulator. No other game has ever come close the the depth and attention to detail that cataclysm offers, and more than any other game I’ve played I find myself consistently coming back to it.

I think you guys do an awesome job, and your constant striving to make the game better continues to breathe live into a game that, however good, would otherwise have gotten stale years ago.

Please keep on doing what you do!

(Also, just pointing out that the “Support Cataclysm!” button on the main CDDA website seems to be broken. Can you guys point me in the right direction as far as that is concerned?)

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[li]The dev’s get plenty of appreciation. No need to make ANOTHER thread to their glory. You’ll just over inflate their egos (JK, you guys deserve all the love you get and more, not that it makes MUCH difference since you guys tend to love making it as much as playing.)[/li]

[li]No one actually takes those ball busters seriously except the ones that are actually pointing out actual flaws and working with the devs to help fix them, or are devs themselves.[/li]

[li]Thank you for speaking on our behalf, as players (at least myself speaking for myself) I can say we definitely forget to say thanks sometimes, though I do my best to do this regularly.[/li]

[li]Yes. yes they do do an amazing job. And also Keep it up.[/li][/list]


(Also, just pointing out that the “Support Cataclysm!” button on the main CDDA website seems to be broken. Can you guys point me in the right direction as far as that is concerned?)

Kevin, the head Dev for the project, is forbidden from accepting money for any programming work he does for anyone but his job (Amazon) As such he can not accept monetary support for CDDA. However you can place bounties on features/ things you want in DDA in Github and let that be monetary reward for the devs aside from Kevin.

Ive always gave my respects to the devs/mod makers etc always have done via irc/forum etc amazeing comunity realy is.

Also whats the big change you speak of thats happening at the moment to cdda i have been away for a whi;e :slight_smile:

the purge of the game forum… and random ball buster creating an account just to moan and complain about random features they don’t like because its “not what they expect” and that devs should “get off their asses and update CDDA” and all around showing that they have no clue how quickly the updates come and how we don’t need to jump from A. to B. to C. every year as a show of progress if the features aren’t ready. Not that anyone pays attention to those kinds of rage accounts except to laugh and calmly tell them they don’t know what they are talking about because reasons 1-50 and if they bothered to read 4 threads they probably would have known that. etc…

I’m not happy with a few of the more recent changes/additions but I’m still highly appreciative of the overall effort that’s put into the game and for the flow of good content and features. Pretty much every time I fire up a new run of this game there’s something cool and new to discover - it’s part of what makes the game so amazing.