And then there was Life! ... well, undeath at least!

Hello Survivors,

I was/am an avid player of vanilla cataclysm, lurking on the forums whenever I wasn’t lurking in my science lab. However I always played unmodded, and while I had heard of Darkling Wolf’s mod in threads, I don’t think I had ever really gone into the modding sub-forum at whaledev!

Well I saw the forum wither over time, always the same top threads in general discussion, the version of the game sitting on my desktop in a buggy state that had killed a couple of much loved characters. My favourite roguelike - seemed to have died in its sleep :frowning: Well today I was tidying up my desktop and hovered my mouse over the dusty cataclysm folder - whether to delete or not? Lets quickly check the forum first, there -might- finally be an update … Well I don’t know what magic random set of clicking brought me here (clicking modding sub-forum being the major one I guess), but all I can say is wow. It’s so great to see that things are still shambling along moaning and clawing for brainz over here!

So I just wanted to say Hi, and a big thank you to the devs keeping things alive. But also I guess, just to stress how much me actually finding this at all - was fluke :slight_smile: I think there are many other people out there as, well just checking the front page of the wiki and whaledev forums, waiting for the hibernation to be over.

But anyway. Today I shall kill zombies, and it shall be epic - for there will be chain link fences and long island ice teas!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve thought this as well. Someone needs to talk to Wales and see if he’d be ok to link to this forum on the front page of Whalesdev and at the top of the forum. He has abandoned the project, after all, he probably wouldn’t mind!