Deployable Weapons: Mortars, Anti-tank rifles, etc


Yea, take a look at the code for deploying tents, you’d want something similar to that.


Oh right I forgot about tents.


Is there a way to rotate furniture, or should I just not worry about that and just allow free aim rather than an arc?


if by rotate you mean figure out what the facing is, that should be doable based on where the player is relative to the weapon, like…
@BF vs


There’s no rotation operation per se, but you can certainly place the two furniture tiles appropriately and then refuse to let the player interact with it unless they are at the correct orientation.


Well you would have to force the interaction from a certain orientation anyway. Can’t have players firing a 20mm cannon while standing in front of the barrel. No I meant give an option to change the facing while interacting with the weapon.
for example, starting oriented like this:

Player Cannon

You interact with the furniture to shift the weapon and adjust the arc it can fire in (45 degrees) to this:

If we can’t make the player able to turn it without completely dismantling the weapon, then I think it would be best to simply force the player to orient behind it, and allow a 270 degree firing arc, so they can’t accidentally blow themselves to smithereens.


Just make it drag able as that changes orientation for most objects. So make the cannon drag able and it’ll turn as you do if you can’t find it in furniture you can just take it from vehicles.


Dragging to orient? That seems like it might be problematic.


You can do it with vehicles fairly well.


Maybe a player could be allowed to ‘try’ and hip fire such things. The user could be gifted with the gift of physics, force, and velocity for their efforts. Like how pulling the pin on a grenade and not throwing it ends as would be expected.


If I make some of this, I am seriously tempted to make that a “feature”.


i can imagine a bug where if mortars are implemented into the game, they can somehow be hip-fired and hit enemies just like explosive rifles…

and change the history of mortar firing procedure… :laughing: :+1:


Oh please, please do. I would honestly help to make this real.



:rofl: perfect…

exactly what i imagine, mortar’s knockback + force produced + loud sound.
oh my i miss that Men In Black scene… noisy cricket gun, absolute damage but ridiculous knockback.


You could also, just for giggles, use such a system while wearing power armour to turn yourself into the projectile and possibly even survive doing it once.


now we start heading to efficiency real quick here :laughing:

yeah, just like a game i used to play long ago (forgot the name) that has this ragdoll feature of killing enemy if you ragdoll using power armor… i think its GTA 4 if i remember.


Oh lord…it just hit me. The Corpse Cannon. It might be too efficient though. But the Mongols would approve


insert metal banging sound that would be nice :smile:


Bad Russian accent In American Cataclysm, you send hulk flying.


one giant leap of humanity… Nasa approves.