[0.8] .50 bmg...!?

I remember a little while back when I found a dead military squad, and one of them had .50 BMG SS (10) on them. I picked it up, curious as to what would use it in-game. Since I deliberately left the debug menu unbound, I don’t know what gun in the game uses it.

Was the Barrett M107 or Browning M2 added to the game without my knowing?

The Barrett is in the game (at least in 0.9) but I’ve never encountered one as loot.

Found it once myself, wishing there was at least a mounted M2… oh well.

On the topic of rare loot, I’ve never once found a military-grade flamethrower. Found the fancy plasma rifle and laser guns, but not a straight-up flamethrower.

They’re a super rare item. They are in the spawn lists, just super-duper rare.

They’re a super rare item. They are in the spawn lists, just super-duper rare.[/quote]

Spider cave (itself pretty bloody rare), 1 chance (by comparison, mutagen has 8)
From a Tripod walker, one chance (I’ve never seen one of those!)
From a Tankbot, one chance (ditto)
On MilCorpses, one chance

So, the only realistic place to find one would either be on military corpses or maybe on an NPC. I should split out the bunker item-groups and make a “heavy weapons” section or somesuch, so .50 BMG and conventional flamers actually get seen.

Speaking of flamethrowers, when they’ll be re-coded? Because what we got now is a MAGIC FIREBALL HURLING MACHINE that have nothing to do with the actual flamethrowers.

I’m pretty sure that’s close enough for the sake of the game.

someone correct me on this if I’m wrong but a 1 for item spawn groups means there’s a 1% chance of that item spawning, right?

No, it means the item has a 1 / (total combined weights of all items in the group) chance of spawning. So if you just had flamethrower with a single chance and mutagen with 8 chances, you’d have a 1/9 chance of getting a flamethrower.

Actually, no. Game have realistic shotguns, why can’t it have a realistic flamethrowers?

Actually, I’m obsessed with flamethrowers, so, please, don’t startle me. I know myself very good and I also know how far can I go.

If feasable, I’m all for this, but I’m not actually all that knowledgeble about how a flamethrower works tactically. Would you prefer it to ignite everything on the shot path, or assume it’s used with a sweeping motion? (or both, can make the firing mode toggleable) Or if neither of those covers it, I’m all ears.

p.s. I’m also very happy about our depiction of shotguns, hate “spread fire” with a passion.

Easiest way to imagine - it should be coded as a very fast short-range SMG with a 75% chance to ignite ground on the trail.
That’s the easiest way of coding a proper flamethrower - I’m not asking you to simulate a high-pressure streaming ones mostly because it’s quite hard to code in the main part of it - bouncing the stream of burning fuel off the walls and obstacles.
And firing mode, oh, the ability to choose between intensive one-way incineration and creating wall of flame would be perfect.

Oh yea, the burst fire thing would be quite easy, I’m a little concerned about it likely causing a raging fire right next to you though, maybe increasing chance of lighting a fire with distance from the player?

A “wall”, firing mode that sweeps perpendicular to the player. That’s a little more complicated, but doable, also might want to add that for automatics, just for fun.