Shooting with heavy weapons

Hi. I play an experimental version of the cataclysm with some mods that go as part of the game client. I created a turbolaser cannon, but I cannot shoot it because it needs a specialized chassis. Full description on the screenshot.

I found that the chassis could be a broken window, a table, a car body, and etc. And my question is, is there any way to quickly deploy this weapon or is there any way to shoot without deploying? Or do I always need to carry boards and nails to craft the table? :rofl:

Full description of weapon:

I think you can prop it on a shopping cart, and if you have skill in mechanics, you can attach it to a military vehicle’s turret mount so that you can have it shoot on your command.

It can be used with anything that has the MOUNTABLE tag iirc. That includes certain vehicle parts(doors, trunks?, stow boards), terrain features like fence posts and windows and I’m sure there’s a lot more. Maybe you could make us a mod for a quick deploying foldable tripod :wink: I think that’d be doable with the same method the brazier and tents use.

You can fire them off of a tourist table, I think. It’s a table that goes in your inventory that you can deploy.
It should be possible to make a smaller, lighter weight version called a weapon tripod or something.
Just gotta remember to play around with the tokens so you can’t use the tripod for full butchering.

How did you make it only fireable while mounted on something? I was trying to make a 20mm anti-material rifle that would need to be deployed into furniture, but it can’t be currently made that way in JSON alone. Firing while mounted on a stable surface would be an excellent alternative for the rifle at least.

add “MOUNTED_GUN” as one of the guns flags.

Folding vehicles works, if you want a weapon that has to be “deployed”.
Say, for a mortar, you make a vehicle frame and call it a “mortar stand”, and then have a “mortar” mounted weapon attached to that. Fold it up for transport, unfold and deploy to fire.

You can also make small towed artillery pieces using non-folding vehicles, since you can attach small vehicles to other ones, now.

Otherwise, if you want to be able to fire it while braced on furniture in general, go with “MOUNTED_GUN” like mentioned above.