Deployable Weapons: Mortars, Anti-tank rifles, etc


Although I doubt it would work for modern mortars. The thought of Saving Private Ryan came to mind. The scene where Matt Damon pulls the pin on a mortar and smacks the ass on a metal piece of detritus and throws it like a hand grenade.

In reality. There was this one situation where that idea came from during WW2. I really cannot think of the specific details apart from the gist of the story.

A soldier had his whole team wiped by germans and he was inside a destroyed building surrounded by them running up to it. He ran out of ammo and only had some mortars. Pulled the pins. Whacked against the wall and tossed them out the windows. The germans took losses enough to leavem alone.

When asked, how did you know that would work? He replied, that he didn’t know. But if he died by the germans or his bad idea. Dead was dead. So he took the risk.


BTW, i actually modded something like this using foldable vehicle frame as base and mounted weapons. Aside from mortar and recoiless cannon there are things like self-made MRLS, scorpion, balista, catapult, trebuchee, etc, and even some weird necrotech like for example centrifugal sling-cannon based on set of Z harvested ooze reinforced large intestines together with the sphincters, attached to rotating central ammo feeder and controlled by ballistic computer that tracks targets and manages electrical feed to the sphincters to release ammo in the right moment (of cause you need a corresponding set of skills and knowledge to build one). The main problem with mortar (and some others) is that they use patched C:DDA with added support for “balliistic” property (not obscured by objects but only 1/4 range in roofed areas).


So, I couldn’t figure out how to make a piece of furniture be able to fire a projectile, or be reloaded. It looks like there isn’t an examine action available at present to make that possible. Also, per @mlangsdorf the gundata flag won’t work with furniture, so I have no idea how to link the weapon stats to a furniture item.

Since I couldn’t code my way out of a wet paper bag, I’ve come up with an alternative, at least for the 20mm rifle. I decided to take advantage of the existing MOUNTED_GUN flag, and just made the thing humongous. Weight is accurate based on the high end model. Price is based on their website:
I THINK the barrel length should be correct. Wiki says anzio barrel is 1.9 meters, and the Barrett .50 has a barrel length of 50cm.
In the code, barrett barrel length is 5, so that means the anzio should be 19 if barrel length =1= 10cm.

I had to kind of fudge the volume. Just using density of steel says it should be 7 liters, but the volume in game of the barrett .50 is higher than that. Based on density of steel, barrett should have a volume of 1.73 liters, but in game it has a volume of 3.5 liters, which is roughly double. So I just did the same thing, and made the 20mm Rifle volume 14 liters.

I haven’t made the ammunition yet, but the overall power is going to be 3.93 times that of the standard .50 BMG round, based on the kinetic energy data from wiki, and come in several varieties, based off the different versions of the 20mm vulcan round used by the military:
Magazine will hold 3 rounds per the manufacturer’s website.

This is the prototype, see what you think. Am I missing anything it should need, or anything I need to add for balance purposes?
“id”: “anzio_20mm”,
“copy-from”: “rifle_base”,
“type”: “GUN”,
“name”: “Anzio 20mm Rifle”,
“name_plural”: “Anzio 20mm Rifle”,
“description”: “A massive anti-materiel rifle chambered for 20mm rounds, designed to destroy armored vehicles & equipment. This weapon is too large to wield directly, and must be set up on a stable surface to fire.”,
“weight”: 59000,
“volume”: 56,
“price”: 1190000,
“looks_like”: “m107a1”,
“to_hit”: -1,
“bashing”: 12,
“material”: “steel”,
“ammo”: “20mm”,
“range”: 45,
“ranged_damage”: -5,
“dispersion”: 50,
“durability”: 8,
“barrel_length”: 19,
“default_mods”: [ “bipod”, “rifle_scope”, “muzzle_brake” ],
“magazine_well”: 1,
“magazines”: [ [ “20mm”, [ “anziomag” ] ] ],
“flags”: [ “NEVER_JAMS”,“MOUNTED_GUN” ]


Yaknow, this sounds like it would make sense for some of the heavier machineguns aswell.
If it also included NPCs loading the gun out of their inventory, it would be rather nice for most flavor of machinegun actually. It might also be nice to have this as an option for most(read, non fueled) vehicular weapons.


I would more appreciate it if the mounted weapons that say you need to be near a window or something to use actually do that instead of standing ON the window.


Things like spigot mortars can, just due to the fact that they have actual firing pins and strikers, but most simple mortars can’t be fired from the hip unless you are holding it close to vertical, since they rely on the weight of the projectile to fire the primer. The exception to this is if you’re throwing them. Mortars rely on the impulse of firing to disengage a warhead safety, if you have a hard surface to bash them on, you can whip 57 or 88 mm mortar shells like a pigskin if you need to.


I don’t know if it’s a mod or main game. But there are fold-able vehicle frames, maybe really lightweight versions of them and weapons that only work mounted to a turret mount of some kind? Deploy gun( technically a vehicle) and fire?


This is how i do it.

BTW, speaking of 20mm firearms, Inkunzi PAW deals pretty good with the recoil, while being small enough to be comfortably handheld. It is true that it’s ammo is proprietary, but it is based on actual WWII 20mm AA gun ammunition.


More about gun based on AA amuniton. KS-23. 23 mm shotgun.Used in police and variant of it still used in special forces. Considered not as gun, but as low caliber artilery.


The thing is, thats actually used as just a normal firearm.