Damaged goods make damaged items

Do you guys find it odd that you can craft perfect-condition ammo from damaged gunpowder/ casings?
This also could open the path to making multi-calibre weapons. (Meaning you can’t exploit disassembly recipes to make your gun work again.)

How can gunpowder be damaged anyway?
Casings can be destroyed and all that, but seriously, how is gunpowder damaged?

You are talking to a experienced reloader. Gunpowder can be damaged by moisture, for example. Which is why you store your gunpowder in a sealed container.

You can’t make OEM quality ammunition any more.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying here.

Rivet. I mean that if we will have .357 ammo, we could so-called “Disassemble” them to their .38 “counterparts”. And disassembling items would reset the item’s quality.

Just because a .38 round will load and fire from a .357, that doesn’t mean they’re the same round.

If we make it so that a .357 can load both, that would be cool. But we don’t want to have .38s loading .357 rounds.

That’s exactly what I mean. I wish we could give multiple values to “ammo_type”. I mean that you can do it both ways around, and have multiple items in the .json, so you can make your gun shoot .38 and turn it back to a .357 firearm.

We can. It’s a computer program; we can make it do all kinds of fun stuff!

We just haven’t yet.

So, would it work if I had it like this?
“ammo_type”: [“38”, “357”]

I don’t think so. Likely it will take some modification of the core files to make it recognize multiple ammo type entries in a weapon.