Actually disassembleable ammo, so hand loading is feasible

There’s tons of types of ammo that you can’t disassemble for primers and such. It’s a real pain to want to take apart 10mm but can’t, because of arbitrary reasons. This seems really wonky, and appears to be more… lack of follow up on the crafting system in regards to it. SKS and AK47 have been in the game the whole time, but their ammo is undisassembleable.

There’s tons of worthless ammo I want to get the lead, primers, and powder out of, but the game won’t let me because of lack of programming. It’d be cool if you guys would flesh out the ammo crafting so that it’s feasible.

bullet pullers let you disassemble ammo. I think there should be an option to disassemble them without it, and the tool kinetic bullet bullet will merely make it go faster

Maybe we should be able to craft gunpowder, primer, and lead itself? I have no idea how gunpowder or primer is made, but lead can obviously come from scrap metal. We already got Gold Bars -> bullet casings
How about disassembling dynamite for gunpowder haha.
It isn’t common knowledge to pull apart bullets. Would you do it with your fingers or a screw driver? I would need the tool.

I want to note that taking apart 1000 9mm bullets takes forever when you work 20 at a time. How about adding a message that says “Take apart all (of this certain type) ammo?” or something. Or maybe a “large” kinetic bullet puller. Idk

depending on how your ammo is, (I’ve seen ammo where a sharp tug would get the projectile out, and I know some people seal theirs with varnish) it may or maynot be impossible by hand. but I do agree, it should take time…

Since bullets are in stacks of many, I imagine that disassembling them straight from the menu would result in bullets being pulled 1 at a time.
The OP just wants all bullets to be disassemble-able though. That’s busy work for the developers.

You can do that already.

Yeah, it does take a while to dissemble a whole bunch of ammo.

The part of it that’s not busywork is to transition it over to a disassembly recipe like the rest of the items, so people that know json but not code can clean it up, it’s on the list.