Creature factions

Various creatures should be hostile to each other.
Zombies should be hostile to everything else.
Animals would be in two categories: Predators & Prey
Since the driving force for predators to attack prey is usually if the animal is hungry, perhaps have it eat corpses and if they stop being hungry… not attack prey. Yeah, getting complicated.
Scientist/Military is another story.
I think turrets would recognize the scientist zombies as allied.
But any nether creatures I think would be attacked by them. (Unless the zombie disease is from the nether. Then the turrets would attack them, but not the zombies.)

Dunno how hard it’d be to add, but I think a pack of wolves would be fine pulling down a lone zombie for a snack, but think twice about attacking a horde, but that’d be overall AI.

Yeah, Wolf, can you add it?

Also, robot police should attack zombies as they are outlaws.
And zombies should attack everything live, not only humans.

Yea, in standard game design you don’t want to let the player “cheat” by having the environment turn against itself, but in our case I think it’s a feature :slight_smile:

As a first pas we can separate them into factions, that’ll be easy, and we might want some refinements here and there. Not sure how hard it’ll be code-wise, but it’s worth doing IMO.

Definitely, It’d be pretty amusing to set off the alarm in a bank, and watch hordes of robots fight zombies.
(Granted eyebots have to catch a glimpse of you first… eh.)