Factions, monsters and wildlife in general questions

So I have a random question and a modding question.

1.Do factions serve any purpose in the game right now? My shot in the dark assumption is that the NPC survivors in game belong to this that or the other civ and their behavior and inventory are reflections of the faction?

2.is there any way to make the various hostile creatures in the game world be hostile towards anything else -other- than me lol. I was a bit put off trying to get into a bunker surrounded by zombies when I noticed the automated turrets where just interested in gunning me down and not random zombies and fungaloids that where swarming the area. I’m interested in knowing if I can create “creature factions” like, wildlife who are hostile to zombies. Automated turrets that will shoot anything that moves. Regular zombies who don’t like those wierdy fungal zombies. Etc. Is that at all possible?

Last minute addition: how about survivor groups? A detachment of military soldiers who’ve claimed an old missile silo. A group of cops holding out in their station or just a gang of bandits living in an abandoned gun store.

AFAIK, factions serve no purpose yet, but the rest are currently planned features.

All planned features, but none are currently implemented into the game yet.

I know that copbots and eyebots don’t recognize zombies because they’re seen as wildlife- but turrets are high-tech military weapons, they should see zombies and shoot at them even if you haven’t programmed them yourself.