Friendly Animals

One annoying feature that I have found is that when a player is fighting more than one enemy at a time, all hostiles attack only the player regardless of their species, proximity to other creatures, and hostility. Personally, it seems pretty unrealistic that a bear, cougar, ect. would run through a zombie horde to attack a single human without engaging any of the zombies.

If non-player creature combat were to be implemented, it would pave the way for the possibility of allying yourself with more than just a dog or cat through roughly similar means.

Furthermore, if a leash mechanic were to be added along with these features, this could allow an experienced player to have a pet guard bear chained/leashed to their base, or following them around.

But anyways, I really think it would be beneficial to add a leash mechanic for dogs and cats anyways, because all the times that I’ve acquired a friendly dog, I’ve ended up either running away while he met his untimely demise at the hands of a more powerful creature, deserted my pet by using a vehicle faster than their running speed, or accidentally hit and killed them while trying to drive at a speed they could accompany me at by running.

These would be cool features if we could get them in the game.

I want to be able to friendly a moose…

[quote author=FunsizeNinja123 link=topic=6242.msg111157#msg111157 date=1398204717]
I want to be able to friendly a moose…

An army of meese, loyal to you and only you, exacting control over the zombie hordes.

It’s a sad side effect of the current (much-simplified) system for various degrees of aggressiveness. Once we get a working creature faction system in (so fungaloids could be aggressive to triffids, and zombies aggressive to most everything for example) then this will definitely bear some more looking into.