Zombies taking down turrets

not that i minded too much, but why ? why would zeds attack turrets and not otherwise ? besides the turrets were not riposting.

Turrets should shoot back in the newest version.

Maybe the turret had run out of ammunition?

ok, but why would zombies attack turrets ?
i can understand turrets shooting anything, but zeds have no lore reason to attack turrets, robots and eyebots

Zombies act aggressively towards anything that moves or makes much noise.

My guess would be that the turret was shooting at one point and it got them excited.

A non-lore reason is that monster factions aren’t in yet, so for now monsters of different species are all hostile to each other.

Later on we may have factions friendly to factions hostile to them and other such weirdness, but for now everyone is all “us vs them”.

On a related note, shouldn’t the turrets recognize zombies as hostile and fire at them?

Pretty sure they already do in the latest experimentals (or are on the verge of it code-wise). It’s totally possible for them to run out of ammunition though.

I’m not going to complain about them clearing out all them damn eyebots :wink: