Craftable Ammunition Magazines

I made some mods. They’re very simple, tedious, but simple.

The two being concerned right now are Craftable Ammunition Magazines & Belt Links, and Craftable Ammunition Magazines’ Realguns Extension.

They do pretty much what they say on the tin. Craftable Ammunition Magazines & Belt Links allows the player to craft, well, ammunition magazines and belt links. They’re high-end craft products, requiring Fabrication in the 6-7 range and a copy of The Handloader’s Helper - or that you disassemble the mag you want to learn to make by heart - and a whole pile of crafting tools.

But you’ll be able to craft factory-specification ammunition magazines, so you don’t run into the absurd situation I hate running into where I looted several gun stores and hardly had any magazines to load the weapons I had - if any at all, as someone made a “handload haven” gun store alternate where the guns spawn without magazines or ammo.

You’ll also be able to craft a barometer.

Find it here.

The extension for the realguns mod does, well, exactly what it says on the tin, allowing you to craft magazines for the weapons added by the Real Guns mod.

Get it here.

[e] Added the recipe to craft an electric polisher.


I probably would have just made a bunch of makeshift magazines but this works too.

I didn’t do that, for a few reasons.

1] I dislike “makeshift” items. I mean, they have their place, don’t get me wrong, but that place is early game, not when you have everything short of a CNC autolathe and the skills to match.
2] If you’re using a graphical tileset, new items won’t appear even if you “copy-from”: them from another item, which is jarring and out-of-place.

Yeah the tile set thing is annoying.