Removal of impossible gun mods

You’re not at a level where you can make equivalent guns, that’s specifically disallowed.
You’re totally right that it’s a similar case to a belt-feed adaptor mechanism, that mod will be going away. Any other examples for me to look at while I’m at it?

I’d argue that the craftable rail/coilguns or the pneumatic bolt driver is roughly on par, but it’d probably be more useful to just say that we already have the gun itself and all the working parts, seems like making it slide back and forth shouldn’t be that difficult. Even if it was just a makeshift dealio, you wouldn’t have too hard a time setting up some springs and extra space and whatnot.

Perhaps it would be too much for a gun mod, but perhaps a full conversion for a Browning or something so you could have a .50 cal handheld automatic weapon, even if it is badly inaccurate. Y’know, for kids! (and mutant cyborgs)

I’m not sure how to feel about the belt feed adapter myself since it seems like useful gear for endgame, but I also would really like to see the LMGs actually being worth using, since most of them can be totally outperformed by a belt fed rifle of equivalent caliber. Maybe keep it in, but have it reduce the reliability of the gun by like half, since it’s makeshift. Or make it findable only.
I might even just make a “Real Gunsmithing” mod at some point that just adds a bunch of semi-realistic gun mods that do awesome crap. For that matter, what does the gunsmith kit actually consist of, considering what we can and can’t make with it?

Perhaps we need to do a little more work on guns to make them actually different, since it’s currently pretty much a game of “X has 1 more range, but Y holds an extra bullet…” But that’s an idea for after we get gun damage/accuracy worked out.

Might seem that way, but you’re wrong. If you want to double the weight and make it unfireable off a tripod, yea it’s doable, but if you want it to remain fireable by hand, it’s not happening.

You misunderstand the situation here, it’s as good as gone, the only reason it’s even there is I literally didn’t know it existed until you mentioned it.

Truth in advertising says you should call it “Fake Gunsmithing”.

I’ll agree to disagree.

Well… oops. If anybody asks, you found it ingame.

Well based on the idea that it would be crafting things for guns that don’t exist, perhaps. But last i checked gun smiths don’t just make silencers and cut down barrels. Maybe gungineering?

Personally I’d like to see a return for all of those gun mods that were removed. I really liked the gun mod that allowed you to convert a handgun to an automatic weapon, and didn’t see a reason to get rid of it. I’m assuming it’s because of a lack of information on whether such a modification is possible. I can’t say myself, but I highly doubt that someone with the skill to do that is going to advertise that…

Based on a basic knowledge of gun mechanics and a vague recollection of a CSI episode that had a similar mod for rifles, I think it’s sort of possible. You just need to have a gun with a specific type of action, and anything that’s currently semi-auto is probably not going to use it. Your best chance would be for a semi-auto version of a normally automatic weapon and converting that, but that seems like it would be rare with pistols.

What we really need is a martial art that lets you grab something then fire a pistol as a melee attack with a perfect chance to headshot. John Wick up in that bitch.

For that matter, could we stand on downed enemies to prevent them from getting up?

More like it’s almost never possible for pistols and rarely for rifles. Even when it is possible, a kit is going to be specific to that gun.

This is my understanding as well, if you can provide a reasonable indication that a particular gun is capable if conversion (either with a trigger mechanism or bump stock or whatever) ill happily merge a kit for that type of gun.

I’m not sure if they need to be completely specific to a gun if they aren’t craftable, but certainly limit what can and can’t have one added. It would make them kind of useless if you have to find a specific one to match your gun, assuming they’re rare in the slightest.

It would at least be nice if “unrealistic” gun mods could be shunted into an optional mod instead of just deleted. Scar-H with a belt feed? Big fan.

I think the pistol autofire was removed for a combination of being difficult to get working correctly and being unrealistic? I remember seeing some issues with it on github.

Could you move them into Craft Gunpowder mod?