Contributor badges


Just a teensy feature I enabled, the forums will now look at the github project, and if it can match your forum account to your guthub account, it will award a badge based on your number of accepted pull requests.


Awesome. The people with actual skills deserve some recognition. I like it.


How does one go about linking their Github account? My preferences seem to only list connecting a Google account.


Looks like it wants to match email adresses to the ones listed in commits


not getting it… now to add forum/ github email debugging to my todo list. \(^v^)/
(cool addition though)


So I used different emails for my github and forum accounts…


I think you can add the other email adress without changing anything else about your account, then it’ll start recognizing your commits.


I’m not sure we can have multiple emails… I am trying to add my anonymous github contributor email, but I can’t, because it seems to want me to remove my confirmed email to do it :frowning:


Hah, it seems you can have multiple emails, but you can’t set them.
It’s evidently a wip feature.