Forums newbie link restriction should be more lax

When I first signed up and created a post, discourse did not let me post more than two links - which is reasonable to combat spam.

The tiny problem here is that these were very valid links - in this case to commits in the github repo. If possible, please at least whitelist external links to the CleverRaven github repos and perhaps other related sites such as the wiki or the variety of item/monster/etc browsers.

This should cause less annoyances to legitimate new users just e.g discussing or mentioning some commits or PRs etc. Or asking about items and using an item browser to highlight property.

Whitelisted and, can add others later.


Just in general; I might remember that wrong, but completing the “new user tutorial” (follow along the messages from discobot) should grant you immediately the “Basic” trust level which should allow you to post more than two links - at least it was like that in my case.
Maybe that was a coincidence, but I definitely got the trust level before posting my first post (as proven by my badge history).

I earned the “Basic” badge by reading a few topics without completing the user tutorial.

Yes, of course you can get that rank in other ways too, @matshou.
The point of my post was to offer a “fast” way to be allowed more than two links in one post (see topic start).