New GitHub feature, Project boards

GitHub has added a new feature recently, project boards that allow visual arrangement of related issues.
See for a few projects I’ve set up so far to check out the system (they’re legit projects though, not toys).

Unfortunately GitHub hasn’t addressed their wackjob permissions model, so you must have commit rights to edit the projects, which is unfortunate because I’d love to throw this open to lots of contributors.
When we’re doing large scale or long-term projects, this will be a decent tool for showing progress across the individual issues and pull requests so users can follow along.

Check it out :slight_smile:

This seems pretty cool. Good way to keep track of large changes. I can this also be a way for modders to keep track of changes so they can fix issues with experimentals.

Ah, permissions… :frowning:

How can i have permissions? i want add this tileset in cdda github project. once i have registered an github account, i can just edit the project? there are any extra requirements or rules needed?

The situation has changed a bit for the better, I can now add people to a maintainers team that can edit projects without also giving them full commit rights, so if you have a long-term feature or set of bug fixes you would like to use the project board to manage, just ask (either here or via pm). Please include your github username.

You need to create a pull request - see

If you like the project board you might check this out I stumbled on it tonight

It’s like a self updating project board if I wasn’t mistaken