Old lurker and lost (probably) my email

Hi there. I was registered on the old forums using some email address, that i can’t even remember now. So can’t reset my password. But I still have access to my github acc, which has the same username as the old account and was used in some communications with the active devs back in the days.
TL;DR: Could someone help me regain access to the account that has old forum username?

It’s a shot into the dark, but it seems like you’ve joined GitHub around the same time as you’ve joined the forum.
Maybe you used the same email adress for both (unless you’ve changed it for your recent commit)?

Nope, I still have that gmail I use to log in on GItHub, so would have received password reset link. Unless there is some problems with emails discourse sends to gmail, ofc. I’m afraid i have used old work’s email, which i 100% can’t get back, and which doesn’t exist anymore.

Well, that’s very unfortunate…
And I guess if you’d have that password saved on an old backup drive, you probably won’t ask for a way to reset it…

Let’s hope that someone from the site administration can help. Otherwise, you may just have to start anew :worried: .