Forum roles and flair

PSA: We have three forum groups that people can be added to in recognition of their contributions to the project.

Contributor - Recognition for code contributions.
Criteria: Push a PR that gets merged.
Bughunter - Recognition for reporting bugs.
Criteria: Open a valid issue on github.
Wiki Contributor - Recognition for editing the wiki.
Criteria: Make a valid edit to the wiki.
Can probably improve the name.

If you qualify for one or more of these, visit the group page(s) and request membership. Be kind, I’m the only person approving these >_<

I have placeholder flair

For Contributor (see my avatar to the left), but I can definitely see people finding something better, let me know if you find something. Also I don’t have anything for wiki or issue contributors, so someone needs to track something down for that.
Let me know what you think, and if there are other categories that should be recognized (Activity on the forums? Reddit? Something else?).

BTW, if you join more than one, you get the flair for the last one you join, and the only way to change it is to PM :kg: about it :man_shrugging:.

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