Changelog inclusion in new DDA releases?

The Darkling Wolf recently mentioned that he was keeping a text of changes as they were being made, is there any chance we could see the inclusion of this into new builds of the game, especially now that theres a version naming scheme in place? I ask in part because the announcement threads for releases have been a little light on the details, and always find that reading the change logs helps sort out the confusion about features being added/changed/disabled as well as helping to keep informed on which bugs have been fixed.

It’d be nice to have that. Meanwhile you can check from time to time the commits to the github: or subscribe to its feed:

Changelog has been added. If we can get everyone else to update it when they add something new, it should be a really easy way to see what’s been updated without digging through commits.

I wonder, can we get information when a new version is out on the main page?

That sounds great, Thanks Darkling Wolf. Guess we will just have to hope that everyone uses it. :slight_smile:

AseaHeru: you mean something like a news log and or history of releases? Or something that combines a news log with the changes since last version? Updates to the main might be useful, it seems slightly underutilized at the moment, but as far as i know, the announcements forum should update when a new release happens.

General idea for a mockup of news / release history on the front page:

Mar 05, 2013 - Cataclysm DDA v0.2 Released
… Overview of the big additions or changes and new features
… New things added
… Click here for complete changelog

Feb 26, 2013 - Cataclysm DDA v0.1 Released
… Changes made
… Bugs rendered unhappy
… Other notes of interest or possible bug warnings

Ay, that would be much appreciated. It’ll make covering updates in my commentary much easier rather than guessing them :stuck_out_tongue:

And it would have tipped me off to rather a few sneaky changes that I’d rather see discussed openly–chiefly the CBM-splitting–but no matter. The 02 Feb version is still interesting and follows the wiki pretty accurately.