Cataclysm DDA - 20 January Release

Source is available at as always.

This release is mostly bugfixes and behind the scenes changes, so there’s no real changelog to post.

Wohoo! :smiley:
I hope the animal spawn bug is gone.

It should be, the fix was merged in quite a while ago.

I think because there is no options file first time you boot, it doesn’t use the default 6.


I’m really glad that you and your team are making frequent updates to this game. I always thought this game had a lot of potential. Keep up the good work!

Any news on when the next release might be out? I’m getting desperateeeeeeeeeee.

I’ll do one up now, I think everything’s functioning alright

Wow, this was like an emotion rollercoast.
First I was excited as I thought there would be a new version up when I saw unread posts in the announcement section, then I got angry as there is no new thread and I thought someone just posted unimportant there and now I see that the someone is Darkling who is about to release a new version. :smiley: