Wiki link on the main page does not work and other suggestions to the main page

  1. Wiki link changed, but has not been updated on the main page

  2. I recommend adding a news update recommending the experimental. Its been 2 years since the official release and the experimentsl is daily builds. Having the latest news being over 2 years old makes it look like the game is dead. So its a little confusing.

  3. Add a link for the CDDA Game Launcher as the recommended took to download the game. I understand that it is officially a mod, but this is really one big community. I think the downloader is the simplest and best way to get the game on windows.

  4. Link to the subreddit. People post here and on the sub. Alot of sites link to their associated subreddit.

  5. Add a link or tab at the top for the item browser. Its on the subreddit. Its really nice and makes learning the game easier. I on an ipad. I am having trouble posting a link.

I’d argue having a new stable release would be better.

I’d argue having a new stable release would be better.[/quote]
Pft! “Stability” If something like that happened there would be a pause on controversial and heated debates over new and changing content, and where’s the fun in that? is for all intents and purposes dead. I don’t currently have the permissions to update it, and even when I had the permissions, I only vaguely understood how the site layout worked, so I was unable to meaningfully update it.

I’ve started on a new site that is hosted by github at , but haven’t gotten around to pointing a friendlier url at it, I’ll definitely do that before next release. which I’ve registered at
I was talking to GlyphGryph about adjusting the URLs a while back (months ago at this point), but he suddenly went silent, so IDK what’s up there. The fallback plan is to just register and switch everything over to that. I’ve registered and pointed it at the github pages site, and I’ll start moving things over to that.

The new site uses github’s markdown system and APIs to assemble the page, and the content itself lives in the same github repository as the dda source code.
This makes it a lot easier to make changes to the site, keep track of permissions, collaborate and look up site syntax

p.s. thanks for poking me on this, should have registered the new domain months ago.

If that’s going to be the new main page we probably want to bump the less-contributor focused links for both the community stuff and the downloads all of the way up to the top. I know that if I was just some random person coming off the internet there’s very little chance I’d make it all of the way down to the bottom of the page to find those links before I just gave up and went back to playing some casual game like Overwatch instead.

Maybe we don’t want cats playing dda :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea it’s not a great landing page, need to recombobulate it a bit.