Changelog for individual builds?

any way too see waht each new build adds? i mean, i see a new one every 15-30 minutes, and id like too see what is changed. oh, and 1 thing, acetelyne torches dont spawn with welding tanks, atleast i couldnt find any filled welding tanks in a garage with 10x loot spawn.

yeah, i know about the github but its a bit hard too understand, like i guess the the most recent edits show up with the date listed, too me as of know 10 hours ago in the data directory, but it isnt very clear, do i need too like, look into the merges of each file too see what new things got merged into the game itself?

If it stays open to the public, you could look at

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wow that is incredibly useful, im suprised the link isnt more well known. also, about the most recent change. did blowgun and darts get removed?

Blowguns are still in the game for backwards compatibility, but they don’t spawn and you can’t craft them.

oh nooo! why did they get removed, they have so much potential for poisoned ammo and as compact ranged weapon

Get rid of blowgun
Skill/Leveling rebalance thread
I would like poison darts, and tranq. darts.

Because they existed for years and no one made them do anything sensible.
It’s better to remove trash and then hope someone redoes it properly than to keep it in hopes someone fixes it.

This is the closest thing to a comprehensive changelog afaik

I wish a more layman friendly log was kept, often I can’t make heads or tails of some of the changes on Jenkins or git. I know most are bug fixes or grammar fixes but still it would be nice if some one could translate it to human and post a weekly update… Hell I would do it if I could translate.